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Harassment Prevention 

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Why choose Western Food Safety to train your managers in workplace harassment?

With over 40+ years of experience in the food service industry Western Food Safety knows your business better than any other training company in this field.  Our harassment prevention training program is specific to the food service industry, so the course doesn't just meet the compliance requirements, it's effective, relatable and specific to your needs.

Western Food Safety has an extensive online workplace harassment library that includes:

  • AB1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers in English
  • AB1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers in Spanish
  • Harassment and Discrimination for Managers
  • Harassment and Discrimination for Employees
  • Creating a Bully-Free Workplace for Managers
  • Creating a Bully-Free Workplace for Employees

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Schedule a date for one our experienced DFEH compliant trainers to come to your location and train your supervisors or employees. 

The AB 1825 Law requires that employers of 50 of more employees train supervisors on workplace harassment every two years. Our workplace harassment class is a cost effective way to deliver training to your staff.

Call us at (866) 920-6456 ext. 3 with any questions or to schedule a class.  You can also request a class below.

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Workplace Harassment Training